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What is Omnipath?

Omnipath Diagnostics is an end-to-end digital pathology service providing access to qualified clinicians across a wide range of subspecialties. We provide a high-quality streamlined end to end solution, accelerating pathology reporting and reducing patient waiting times.

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Omnipath Diagnostics offers a range of services to support our clients. Our team of pathology consultants reports across every subspecialty of histopathology utilizing our accredited laboratory and digital imaging capabilities.

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Tissue Preparation

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Meet the Team

Nav Khaliq - Business Director

Business Development Director with over 20 years experience in Consultancy. Project Management, Resource Planning, Operations Management with international exposure in 3 countries.

Iskander Choudhary

Dr Iskander H. Chaudhry is a consultant histopathologist specialising in Skin Pathology at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. He has varied experience working at St James’ Hospital, Stepping Hill Hospital and Manchester Royal Infirmary as a Skin and Soft Tissue Pathologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Manchester University. He graduated from Manchester’s School of Medicine in 1996 and then embarked on a career in Pathology, training in the Mersey Deanery. In 2004 is was awarded a Fellowship at St. John’s Institute of Dermatology and trained as a dermatopathologist under Dr Eduardo Calonje and Dr Alistair Robson. In 2005, he received a visiting Fellowship to Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA for 3 months and trained under the supervision of Professor Martin Mihm Jr. He has an active role in teaching and is a founding member and on the organising committee of the London Dermatopathology Symposium, which is an International Scientific and Clinical Pathology meeting running in its 8th year. He stood as an executive member on the national committee of the British Society of Dermatopathology and is secretary of the National Scientific Meeting of the Association of Clinical Pathologists.

Who We Are?

Omnipath Diagnostics exists to bridge the gap between the shortage of histopathologists in the UK and the volume of outstanding cases sitting unreported on laboratory benches.

Why Choose Us?

With decades of collective experience within histopathology and all clinicians being fellows of the Royal College of Pathologists working in accredited laboratories, we provide a cost effective and efficient service to support your laboratory, whether you require short or long-term solutions.